Facials VS Skincare: Which Is Better?

When it comes down to spending your hard-earned money on maintaining the appearance of your skin, you’ll quickly find yourself lost amid a sea of skincare products and services that have since flooded the market in recent years. And this is no thanks to social media and the rise of beauty influencers, each one proud to flaunt a 15-step skincare routine that includes a product for every skin quandary. Anti-ageing, moisture, collagen rejuvenation, these are just some of the benefits that we’re seeing on marketing blurbs.

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But while it does make sense to do as much maintenance as you can at home with your own DIY routine, many people seem to forget that facials conducted by professionals remains a viable, if not far easier alternative to restore and preserve your skin health. Which leads us down to the question: which is worth your coin? A good facial, or skincare products?

To understand this, we must first dissect the roles that facials and skincare products play. Facials are typically used sporadically, but adhere to a routine to help regulate the health of your skin while addressing more severe skin concerns that topical skincare simply cannot treat. Skincare products on the other hand, play the role of daily maintenance, helping to ensure that your skin remains in optimal condition day in and day out.

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With that being established, here is what makes a facial truly worth the money:


1. Facials can clean better than skincare 

Over the counter skincare products can easily wash away surface-level detritus, such as excessive sebum, oil, dirt, or make-up residue that remains on your face. However, for pollutants that have found their way deeper into the skin via open pores, most off-the-shelf products do little to help (pore strips can even in some instances, cause mild irritation!). In which case, facial treatments such as microdermabrasion offer far superior effects for truly cleaner skin.


2. Facials target the root cause of skin concerns 

Instead of offering a short-term solution for a recurring problem, facials tend to be more intensive and thorough, tackling skin concerns by the root. Acne, which usually results from a combination of factors from hormone imbalances to excessive sebum production, can be mitigated by facial treatments such as extractions, exfoliations (whether by physical or chemical exfoliants) or in some cases, chemical peels. Of course, for best results, you will be advised to alter your diet accordingly and use the right blend of skincare products to maintain the health of your skin post-treatment.


3. Facials work more effectively on delicate parts of your face 

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Did you know that some parts of your face are more delicate than others? It’s true, and it’s the reason why some skincare products you own will advise against applying them over areas such as around your eyes. This is due to the fact that under-eye skin in particular is far thinner compared to the rest of your face, and requires more specialised attention. This is especially true of those who suffer from  dark circles, eye bags or crows feet that require true dermatological knowledge to address properly.


4. Professionals know your skin  

Let’s face it, ladies. When we’re relying on YouTube and the Internet for advice, there is no guarantee that we know what we’re actually doing. As healthcare professionals will no doubt remind you, self-diagnosis can be a very dangerous game. The same can be said of skincare, where the use of the wrong ingredients can lead to premature ageing or irritation. By consulting with a professional facialist, you will not only be gaining better insight towards the condition of your skin, but also be given the right solutions to help improve your appearance.


5. Facials leave long-lasting results 

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We reap what we sow, and investing your money into a good facial routine with a trusted spa can do wonders for your complexion. While spending your money on a good line of skincare products can be a guilty pleasure, you will be surprised how a routine facial once every month can help reduce your reliance on complicated daily skincare routines. In fact, all you may need post-facial is a non-comedogenic cleanser, a pH-neutral toner with astringent qualities, a serum containing active ingredients that your skin needs, and a moisturiser that locks hydration in. Don’t worry, your facial will handle the rest.

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We’re not asking that you give up skincare, because we’d never do that. We love our skincare products for a reason. But when it comes down to it, giving yourself a much-needed facial retreat may actually do more good for your skin than you think, while reducing your reliance on skincare routines that can be cumbersome or difficult to complete on the daily.

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