Is Your Coffee Habit Affecting Your Skin?

The reality of city-living is that almost everyone over the age of 16 has developed a coffee habit. Whether consumed for the sake of staying awake or to savour its aromatic notes, coffee is as inevitable as waking up with a bad case of Monday Blues every week.

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And while we can all appreciate the perk-me-up in our second, third, or fourth mug of coffee in a day, some of us skincare aficionados may be left to wonder if our caffeine habit may be the culprit behind some of our most persistent skincare concerns. Can drinking too much coffee be detrimental to your skin?

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The answer as it turns out, is a little more complicated than you would think. To start with, let us be very clear that there have been no scientific evidence supporting the theory that caffeine from coffee causes adverse reactions in the skin.

In fact, studies do indicate that coffee may in fact offer some measure of benefit for people suffering from conditions such as rosacea and melanoma. Those who have psoriasis may also benefit from the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties in coffee.

So if coffee isn’t to be blamed, then what is?

Everything else you add into it, of course. In the age of fraps and syrup-infused coffees, most of your favourite condiments are often made out of a high concentration of artificial ingredients, sugar, and dairy. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, and consuming too much dairy and sugar can spell disaster for your face.

If you didn’t already know, an increased dairy and sugar intake could potentially increase your chances of suffering from an acne breakout. This is due to the fact that both ingredients have shown to stimulate inflammation in the body, thus worsening acne reactions. Consuming too much dairy may also alter your hormonal levels, which can also cause acne.

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Should you stop drinking coffee entirely? Not at all. Moderation is key here, as it is with most things.

And where possible, avoid adding sugar and too much milk in. If the bitterness puts you off, try to ensure that you are not over-extracting your coffee to reduce its bitterness. Or, alternatively, cut the bitterness by sprinkling a small amount of salt. We swear it really works!


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