Here’s How Your Skincare Routine Can Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health awareness has never been as important as it is right now. With many of us now keeping isolated and indoors as much as we can while the lines between work and home become increasingly blurred, it comes to no surprise at all that reports of depression and anxiety have been on the rise. In fact, research by the Boston University School of Medicine suggests that Covid-19 has likely tripled the number of patients suffering from depression in 2020.

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But have you ever considered how your skincare routine can actually help improve your mental health? With skincare routines gradually turning into small but pivotal rituals for self-care in uncertain times, you’d be surprised how much a little TLC can be for the soul.


1. It provides structure to your day 

Unlike the many facets of our own lives now that seem to be in complete disarray, skincare routines are typically incredibly structured. After all, they’re called routines for a reason. And in having a routine to practice and adhere to, we can take away some amount of anxiety that we feel every day when performing our routines, from cleansing all the way up to moisturising. And by having a routine, you invariably feel more grounded.


2. It give you back control 

We may have had to learn the hard way that many things remain out of our control. But where your body is concerned, you take charge. Nobody else. From the products you use to how you apply them, your skincare routine is where you can make every little detail feel purposeful.


3. It can relieve pent-up stress

The same way that doing your skincare prep in the morning can give you a boost of energy, taking care of your face before bed can relieve pent-up stress. Take your time to indulge all your senses in your routine (sight, smell, touch), and feel the day’s stresses melt off your shoulders. Relaxing before bed also improves your quality of sleep, too.


4. It gives you something to look forward to 

Not all days can be good days. Sometimes, they can feel pretty bland and dull. But having something to look forward to by the end of every day, like a skincare routine, can make life a little less dreary. And if you’re in the habit of trying out new skincare products, it can even make your routines pretty exciting!


5. It helps you practice mindfulness 

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Defined as the state of being aware of the sensations you are feeling in the present without judgement, mindfulness has shown to be a fantastic tool to help reduce feelings of anxiety, fear or depression. The next time you perform your skincare routine, take a moment to luxuriate yourself in every stage of the process. Feel how the serum settles on your skin, or the way your toner refreshes your pores.

In doing so, you’ll buffer out negative thoughts from invading your mental space, and grant yourself added clarity and peace of mind.


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