This 2021, Make Better Skin Your Priority With These 5 Steps

How are you planning to usher in the new year? For many of us living through 2020, New Years Eve would most likely be spent indoors with family, as we collectively observe social distancing rules. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t already get started on reassessing your priorities before 2021 starts. And if you ask us, we think putting your skin first may just be the best and easiest thing you can do.

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Here are five ways you can get started on making better skin your priority!


1. Commit to drinking lots of water

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You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: keeping hydrated is essential for great skin. And the best method by far is to stick to drinking enough water throughout your day. Eight glasses or more daily can easily fulfill your body’s intake requirements, and ensures that your skin’s moisture barrier remains well regulated. In doing so, you’ll be able to reduce your chances of suffering from acne, which may trigger as a result of dry skin secreting more oils that can clog pores.

Drinking enough water also helps improve microcirculation under your skin, resulting in a more even skintone and improved elasticity.


2. Make sunblock a part of your routine

For those of you who are still dragging your feet on wearing sunscreen daily (yes, every day), it’s time for 2021 to be the Year of SPF. Issues such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and premature ageing can all be resolved by using sunscreen daily. As these skin concerns are typically triggered by excessive exposure to Ultraviolet Rays, a good sunscreen with at least SPF15 to SPF30 can help mitigate them altogether.

It is also a conveniently well-established fact that constant sunscreen use lowers your chances suffering from skin cancer.


3. Eat (or drink) your fruits and veggies

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Have you ever considered the fact that your diet is inherently tied to the condition of your skin? While it isn’t a revolutionary concept, what you put in your body directly contributes to how your skin looks. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in key skincare nutrients such as apricots, carrots, celery, watermelons, berries, as well as most leafy greens all help to improve your overall dermal health. By incorporating a more colourful plate during every meal, you’ll find yourself tackling pimples, dry skin, and wrinkles.


4. Set a ‘mask-day’ aside 

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Moving forwards in 2021, pen in one day out of every week to settle down and enjoy a good sheet mask. As sheet masks tend to contain higher concentrations of potent skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and specific plant extracts, they can give your skin a much needed boost on top of your typical routine. Being able to relax and unwind while having a mask on also helps lower your cortisol levels, aka the hormone associated with stress. So you’ll not only look fresh, you’ll feel fresh too!


5. Book that facial appointment

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And for a truly self-indulgent experience that only a wellness spa can offer you, go out and book yourself that long overdue facial appointment. If you’ve been experiencing persistent skincare concerns that your at-home routine has been finding difficult to tackle, then leave it to the professionals! There’s always a place set aside for you at Venusde, so don’t hesitate to drop by.

Have you started incorporating any of these steps into your new year’s routine yet?


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